Customer Testimonial

We are glad they love us!

Will bring friends here soon!(by Pam D.)

When I'm not sure whether to say "ahh" or "ouch", I usually consider that a great massage. I like the hurt, and it makes me feel like I'm actually paying for something.

We walked in with no appointment on a late Saturday night and we were immediately taken back. My massage started by laying on a flat, cushioned table, with my knees just off the edge so that my feet would soak in some hot water. I was covered in towels & blankets, so I was very cozy and almost fell asleep immediately. They did some shoulder, scalp, face, and hand massage while my feet soaked. Then I got about 30-40 minutes of foot massage. The foot massage had great pressure.

Lastly, I flipped on my stomach for a quick back massage. Wow. As I mentioned, I was partially in so much pain it was tough to enjoy. I really had to breathe through some of the massage. It was almost to a point where I had to ask them to reduce the pressure. But at the same time, I loved it!! My back was a little sore the next day.

Overall a really good experience. I didn't see any female therapists, although I'm sure they have them, maybe just have to call ahead if that's your preference. I'll definitely be bringing friends here soon!

You don't want to miss it! (by Ashley M.)

Just had a massage from Tony and let me tell ya...it was awesome. I have horrible shoulders and neck from car accident injury and staying hunched over a book or computer all the time studying. I had so much tension in my shoulders it was ridiculous. I have an appointment with a sports massage therapist next week but to tide me over in the meantime I went to my relaxation place. I told him I needed hard massage in that problem area and he put so much force into it that I feel like a new person. I walked out of there with a crease on my forehead and a smile on my face! For $35 for an hour you just can't beat it! I feel like I can sit down and study today without being in complete pain and getting a migraine. For a good fix...go check it out. Worth every penny!!

Come Here!(by Jen B.)

Come here! It's a cheap, deep tissue massage with no appointment necessary! I always forget about this place existing but it's amazing.

Clothes on, they massage you fro head to toe with some feet soaking in there too.br>

It's one giant room with lots of beds but you keep your clothes on so it's not intimidating at all.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this place!!

I love it !(by Tyla T.)

A friend told me to just walk in and I would get the greatest, weirdest massage I've ever had. So I was expecting weird, but what I got was cool, different and incredible! Peter was wonderful and I cannot wait to go back. I don't want to spoil the fun, so just go and see. The best massage for the money! Going back today!